Important things you should make sure you're doing online NOW

Make it faster 

  • See which are your most visited pages on your site from Google Analytics
  • Start at the top visited page, put each image through a tool like ShortPixel,
  • Clean up the copy and the technical SEO on each page. SEO Manager is a great tool for that.



  • Set clear expectations around ship times.
  • Run live chat so you can bust objections live (and free up phones)
  • Live chat tools we recommend areTidio  andLucky Orange


  • Monitor your User Experience and make the adjustments where necessary. 
  • Monitor your Shopify & Google Analytics make informed changes

Social Sharing 

  • Share your reviews on social media. Take a screenshot and share them on your Instagram & Facebook stories 


  •  Make sure you can fulfill, make sure you've got enough shipping supplies if you self-fulfill.
  • Communicate with your suppliers, check on the deplenish and fulfillment rates. Look for advantages in your current stock, comfort items are going to be a big seller. 


  • If your current sales are running ok, Keep it going! even consider stepping it up.
  • You'll get a lot of drive by traffic. they'll see you once and never again. 
  • Do what you can to capture emails and orders. 
  • Make sure you're running remarketing ads.

 What’s else can a brand to do?

As we know,transparency is one of the most important characteristics that today’s consumers look for in a brand. When it comes to coronavirus, proactively addressing customer frustrations and fears (e.g. delivery delays, out-of-stock products, the cleanliness of your warehouse), will support your brand’s reputation and encourage customer loyalty.

Tell consumers about the coronavirus protections you’re putting in place.

Additionally,make sure that your display advertising game is up to par. App downloads (especially of news apps) may increase as people spend an increasing amount of time at home. In addition to the delivery apps previously mentioned, app downloads in general have surged as a result of coronavirus. In China, app downloads over the first two weeks of February were  40% higher than the average for all of 2019.